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While we American gamers have to wait until February, No More Heroes is just a few days away in Japan. Of course the game looks fantastic, but another aspect of the game that is equally fantastic is the music. Over at the Japanese official site for the game, you can check out four samples from […]

Grasshopper Manufacture existed before their Killer7 fame. Some of their creative titles like Michigan found their way outside of Japan, but their older ones never got localized. In April, Suda 51 announced the Silver Jiken, Grasshopper Manufacture’s first game, was coming to the Nintendo DS.   Flower, Sun and Rain, Grasshopper Manufacture’s first Playstation 2 […]

I finally got to see the real Rainy Woods… months after the trailer came out at Tokyo Game Show. Yeah, this is on the old side, but I’m not convinced the average gamer even knows Rainy Woods exists. No gameplay is in the clip, but the Silent Hill meets a David Lynch movie premise is […]

This Legacy Edition package contains the most Call of Duty Activision's ever compiled, but the quality of each individual piece is so all over the map that it's still hard to recommend.

It's way too early to tell, but Nintendo has a good chance of cleaning up 2009.  The 3rd party lineup is looking pretty good so far and we haven't seen what Nintendo has in store next year.

The Wii can certainly improve on this year's less robust lineup.

I hope the Wii has a good year, but for me the only games I have any faith in are "The Conduit" and "Madworld".
Red Steel 2 just makes me go ???