Hexen 2 crack

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I actually got really into Hexen, I think more so than for Heretic. Heretic is a fun game but I really enjoyed the puzzleyness of Hexen. (I will confess, though...I needed to reference a walkthrough to finish the game :/ ) I also like the sort of darker feel Hexen has that you mentioned, as well as the ambience of most of the environments. I also like the enemies for Hexen more, at least in general. The only real problem I had with Hexen is that the music was all too mellow and the tracks mostly sounded similar to one another.

I haven't played Hexen II, but Heretic II was not very good in my opinion.

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I haven't really played either of them much, but I do find Hexen much more interesting and engrossing than Heretic. It's probably because of the interesting ways that they extended the engine for Hexen. By comparison, Heretic just seems like Doom with the monsters and weapons replaced, and in the process seems to lose (in my opinion) some essential aspect of the gameplay that makes Doom fun.

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Yeah. Hexen, those centaur...ugh.

Hexen II was amazing. I wish I was around when it came out, some good multiplayer mods and stuff were around. It has lots of nice little details too though. Like the Knight Archers - if you hide behind a corner when they're about to fire at you, they actually keep the arrow knocked until you come into view again!

Heretic's music is win though. :P Second place for music is Hexen II, I mostly liked the Blackmarsh stuff (especially Barbican).