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Excited about the OBT, well in the wake of waiting, here is another character highlight, which I hope will help you guys in choosing a character.

Anyway, some key warrior skills that I really enjoy are the charge, which stuns enemies (really good for PVP), and the berserk ability which for the most part I love because it increases the run movement speed of the warrior. The warrior’s passive skills are also really great.

So, among all the characters I’ve used and seen the warrior can really be a complex character with many builds and can get synergy from all the different pran types, it just really depends on your game play and how you would like to help out your party.

One of the unique aspects in Aika Global is the daugther system with a pran. A pran is there not only as a companion but she also aids the player in battle and can also act a additional inventory as well. With that said, which pran do you think would be best for you character?

Fire Pran : Usually used by those who would want to deal more damage, buffs the player’s additional damage capabilities. Also, has a thorns like ability where damage is reflected back to the enemies. A bit popular among players, because a lot want to deal more damage.

Water Pran : A water pran on the other hand increases the defense of the player, it provides buffs the truly fortify any player. Really good for tanks.

Now we highlight the Crusader. The crusader the primary tank character in Aika Global, it boasts a very strong defense and can take a whole lot of damage. Usually found in the front lines, Crusaders have the abilities to attract monsters or mobs to themselves by increasing their threat level. They have light to medium damage and usually would benefit a lot from having a heavy damage dealing party member and of course a priest.

I’ve played a Crusader in the NA version (Paladin in that version), and it’s pretty ok. I just had a hard time grinding when I was by myself, but ultimately it was more than ok when I was in a party. I think a water or air pran would complement a Crusader best, as the additional damage from a fire pran wouldn’t really provide synergy with the Crusaders skills, but still I think a heavy damage dealing crusader build can still be made with a fire pran for support. 

Based on experience, with the heavy damage from monsters in the instance dungeons, I rarely seen a party finish it without a good tank, and it is imperative that when you have a tank the really act as a tank (I mean with the provoke skill) as it would be useless to have one in your party that doesn’t do their role.